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About Us

One Leaf is a Vancouver, Canada, based company that combines a modern approach to sustainable business with a dedication to ethical trade, the preservation of traditional skills, and which also provides funding for community projects.

Today, the primary focus is on designing and creating handmade leather bags and related accessories through non-polluting methods, with a dedication to quality and usability. The individuals behind One Leaf have been heavily influenced by their travels in countries and regions such as India, Nepal, Tibet, and SE Asia, and Central America.

Since inception in 2010, the company has developed a reputation for offering highly desirable leather messenger bags, handmade shoulder bags, and leather pocket belts. These are produced by the One Leaf team themselves and influenced by their love of traditional leathercraft, each bag produced is a limited edition.

Initially, One Leaf Creations was set up as a way of helping marginalized communities in remote parts of Asia through the development of income generation skills. To assist and support artisans from communities that do not have such great access to global markets, One Leaf now carries a selection of goods that are fair-trade in nature and from which the proceeds make a real difference to the quality of life of the individuals that've made them, for example traditional Tibetan shawls.