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Fake Leather or Real Leather – The Quick and Easy Guide!

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Learn the differences between fake leather and real leather

Fake leather and real leather can often be difficult to tell apart. If there is an accessory or bag that you have your eyes on, but are not sure whether its genuine or not, take a moment to check out our easy tips.

What is Fake Leather


For real leather you need to pay more than for the artificial. If the product you are looking at is dirt cheap, its likely its not the real thing. Expect to pay more for the genuine article.


With today's technology, its very easy to copy the grain of a genuine hide. But, if you were to physically compare two pieces of fake and real leather, you would be able to see and feel the difference. Artificial has fewer flaws and a more uniform thickness.


There is no mistaking the smell of animal skins. No manufacture of artificial leather has so far been able to mimic the smell of real thing. If you own a leather item and are not sure of its authenticity, then leave it somewhere hot for a few hours and if its real it should have an unmistakable smell.

Fake Leather or Real Leather


Ask yourself how much you trust the seller of the product. Does the item have reviews from other buyers which may give an indication as to whether the products description is accurate. Check out the sellers other products too, are they real or fake leather.


It helps if you learn the correct terminology for the artificial kind. Rexine, faux leather, puleather, pleather, and vegan are all fake forms of leather. But understand veg tanned leather is the real thing.

Real or Fake Leather

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